Are you a start up snob?


Are you a start up snob?

Last year, if someone had told me that I was going to start a franchise, I would have simply laughed in disbelief! After 20 years of starting up 3 different businesses from scratch there was no way I would consider a franchise. I love my work and need the satisfaction of designing the brand, exploring new markets, setting up the infrastructure and launching. Even though it’s hard work and it consumes my life, I had to do it.

When I was looking round for some new products I found what I wanted. They matched my ethics; cruelty free and natural ingredients. They are quality products with outstanding results. I wanted these products.

It was at this point I realised I was a bit of a start up snob!

I felt it wouldn’t be a proper business if everything was done for me. I just had to buy the ‘business in a box’ and it was done. I was in business almost over night ( it took 2 days for the box to arrive). In that box there was everything, products, order forms, brochures, instructions, and I had access to my own website, an upline manager to help me through it, training on products, training on running a business.

I was transformed, almost over night, from a start up snob to a franchise queen! I love it. I love the products, I love the instant profits, I love the team who support me, I loved the training.

The franchise company also gives incentives such as a car plan payment, holidays, team activities, a chairman’s bonus. I’m sold, I love it. No more start up phases for me!

Another fantastic point – I’m now building a superb team in 158 countries worldwide!

Are you a start up snob?

Have you ever considered buying a ‘business in a box’ and simply getting on with your ready made, expertly branded business? Or do you need the chaos of start up? I’m converted – how about you?

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Improving the health of your team

I’ve always been the type of person that likes to help people.

LeadershipI’ve done a lot of voluntary work over the years because I like to play my part in improving life, whether that’s animals, people or businesses.

My mission in life is to help others improve.

My passions are around health and business improvement, and therefore life coaching, business coaching, and mentoring has been the natural route for me.

Over the past 15 or so years of business coaching I’ve seen a big correlation between the improvement of a persons health, and their increase in career achievements and productivity.

This has spurred me on to encourage senior managers to look at their work place health as a priority.  Once senior managers have more of an emphasis on how to improve both mental and physical health in the workplace they are seeing a big improvement in productivity, and a reduction in absenteeism.

I have been working with companies to include health improvement into their strategies, which has also included presenting my health products (in person and online) to companies who are taking the health messages seriously.

For those companies that have set up health and wellbeing groups, they are seeing the impact in only a short space of time. For example a company in Manchester contributed to the cost of a detox programme for all it’s employees involved in the health and wellbeing group, resulting in 14 staff losing the weight to the equivalent of the CEO! They were treated to a Spa day, and the company has reported a 2% improvement in absenteeism.

Is improving productivity a target?  Let me help you.  M: 07951384928 Bonham



My answers to Monday

FLI_Board_Meeting_Social_media_1200pxI’m regularly asked how I maintain a fulfilling life and ‘have time’ to keep fit, when I work full time, have a family,  properties to manage, plus the endless needs of my pets!

My answers are simple!
Financial freedom and work life flexibility are the key to a fulfilling life.
If you haven’t got it, you need to get it now!
Find it with my team here
Remember: If you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work, and if you can work anywhere you have more freedom to do anything.

Your Perfect Day….Who are YOU?

Happiness habitIn the chaotic path we’re all stumbling over to complete our daily tasks called ‘life’, it can be difficult to take a few minutes out of our busy schedules to stop and wonder about the life we live, and whether it’s what we want or are we just falling into whatever is easiest to please those around us?

How often do you ask yourself ‘What am I doing with my life?’. If you don’t have time to ask yourself this question, you could be holding yourself back from achieving your true potential. On the other hand, if you find you are asking yourself this question too often, then it’s a sign that you need change.

During a coaching session with a senior manager, I was surprised to hear that he asked himself the question ‘What am I doing with my life?’ at least three or more times a week, he said some weeks it was every morning on the way to work.  He would be stuck in traffic every morning for about 10 minutes, the same place every day, five days a week.

Four mornings a week he sees a man, of a similar age, dressed in trainers and fitness gear, doing his morning run. He said he longed to go for a run in the morning, but because of his schedule he couldn’t face getting up an hour earlier at 5am to fit in a 20 minute run. He couldn’t face an evening run because he was far too tired and hungry after a 10 hour working day and 2 hour commute. He was finding his job far too stressful, although he loved his work, he had found some of his staff considerably difficult and stressful to work with, and was no longer enjoying it. He knew he needed to change, but he didn’t know how this could be done.

I asked him to chose a time-frame, 6 months, a year, 3 years, 5 years, thinking into his future, and how he would like it to be. He talked about his large mortgage still to pay, and 2 teenagers at university, and because his wife hadn’t worked for over 18 years he was the sole breadwinner in the family.

I asked him to forget all the barriers, the negatives and imagine he could do anything. Then to write a letter to himself about his ‘Perfect Day’, including where he was in the world, who is with him, what is the weather like, how does he feel, what is he doing. I asked him to write it in the present tense, like it’s really happening, and put as much detail in as possible. I asked him to write it like he had found himself, the real YOU, as if life had no boundaries, or barriers, what would you do?

At first he was unsure, but he promised to humour me, and have the letter ready for our next session. I said I didn’t need to see it. He had to write it to himself and read it every day. He agreed a little reluctantly, not convinced by my reassurance of this powerful self help tool.

At our next session, a week later, he was excited about his letter to himself, that he had entitled ‘I have arrived’. He said it still was in draft format because each time he read it, before he went to bed each night, then he would add more and tweak it, and he was determined to get it perfect.  I said it didn’t need to be perfect!

At our three month review, he was still perfecting his ‘I have arrived’ letter. Although his job situation hadn’t much changed, he was a lot more positive about the staff (two of the particularly stressful members of staff had left the organisation), and he had started running 4 evenings a week.

He had made a small change by drinking more water, eating a late lunch on his running days so he still had enough energy by the time he got home, starting with a 10 minute run, building up to a 30 minute run in 2 months. His health problems were improving, he had lost 14lbs in weight, and he looked so much happier.

Our six month review saw big changes. He had got down to his target weight and was looking good. Despite his wife’s reluctance, they had started with a walking group, meeting once a month. Although they had only been once, he was sure his wife would continue with him. It had given him the opportunity to talk to other people outside of work. He had been talking to his wife about starting a new business, and he felt it was the first time they had both been enthusiastic about the same thing for a long time.

After our six month follow up, we agreed that we didn’t need to have another session, but he would keep me updated.

I hadn’t heard from him until two days ago, when he called me. We were on the phone for over an hour, and I realised how much of a friend he had become. He said it was the one year anniversary of the date that he wrote the first draft of his letter ‘I have arrived’. I was surprised that firstly he had remembered that date, and secondly that a year had gone so quickly!

He was calling from Florida, USA where he was currently working. He had been for his morning run, he does 5 sessions a week now, and was enjoying a coffee next to the pool in the sunshine (it was raining in the UK and very grey!). He had two business meetings booked in and the rest of the day was reserved for enjoying the West coast to sunbathe. He asked if he could now read me his ‘I have arrived’ letter. I shrugged and said ok.

I can’t remember the detail….Something like this…

His perfect day started with a run along Sarasota beach in Florida, he had detailed the colour of the sea, the sounds, the feel of the sand under his feet, the blue sky and the birds calling. After his run he had shared a shower with his wife (x rated detail here so I’m not going to write it, but I was blushing!!), they then shared coffee next to the pool!

You cannot believe the size of my goosebumps at this point!

The day went on… He had a business meeting with 5 prospects as he and his wife shared a business that they loved.  He had even named the business so he must have been thinking about it for a long time! The business was growing so much that he gave up his regular day job to travel all around the world. His health was good and his wife had started running with him. Her depression had reduced. It went on in detail, where they had lunch, they went sailing and then enjoyed a hearty meal in a good restaurant with good friends. The day ended with a bit more x rated activity!

He said it was almost there. He was about to have his perfect day! The business that he only started 6 months ago (apparently after our last session together), was growing considerably. His wife had been medication free for two months (although he hadn’t got her running – yet!) and they had booked their evening meal in a restaurant they had wanted to go to for years.

I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or be a little bit freaked out by the detail in which his perfect day had almost happened. He had come so far from where he had been only a year earlier.

Hearing his Perfect Day also made me smile for a long time, knowing that I have friends that are growing and developing their lives and I’ve helped with that, just a little. I planted a seed and encouraged it to grow. I also love how a colleague turns into a lifelong friend.

It’s made me determined to re-write ‘My Perfect Day’ (as mine is 5 years out of date and no where near the same kind of detail that it should have). Perhaps I’ve delayed that because I’m so grateful to live the life I want.

Is it your time to work towards your ‘Perfect Day’, to aim towards finding you?

Please leave your comments, I’m interested in hearing how you feel about what you’ve read and how you can make changes by planning your Perfect Day.

Philippa Bonham
International Business Coach

If you want to work towards your Perfect Day and love your job, be part of my team.  More information here Featured Image -- 213


I started my newest business this year because I wanted to maintain the flexibility and financial freedom that I enjoy from running my own business.

I’ve enjoyed over 20 years of serial entrepreneurship, with a few ‘normal’ jobs in between. Mostly I’ve benefitted from the joys of being my own boss and living a flexible lifestyle, so much that I couldn’t change that now.

I’ve been busy building a life that I want, rather than one with too many compromises, and I want to continue to do that. It is so important to me that I’m flexible for my family, to make sure I’m on hand in times of need. My newest business helps me to do that. ‘Time’ is the most precious gift we can give.

I’m excited to be building a team of people from all backgrounds. It can be lonely as an entrepreneur or CEO, but my newest business provides me with the opportunity to recruit team members and grow the business quickly.

Even though I’m self employed, the new business – True Ambition Forever, is under the umbrella of a global company, established for nearly 40 years, offering a range of incentives for the teams. How would you like a new car paid for 3 years, and holidays with spending money provided by the company? These are some of the incentives available.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of this business! I can see my friends more often than I have done in the last 15 years, I’ve got time to make new friends and still get back in time to collect my daughter from school, and be at home during school holidays.

I only have one regret…. I wish I’d have started this business years ago! Don’t make the same mistake….start building your business now. My team and I will give you full support and excellent training.

Make sure you join the road to freedom, with me. Join my team

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Sack the Rat Race – Forever!

I am enthused about my new business that IProduct_adverts_aloe_vera_gels_1_AW_V1_SOCIAL_MEDIA started this year, so I thought it was an ideal time to share my excitement! It has been a great adventure for me, and I’m only in the fourth week of trading!

You may know that I’ve been involved in different businesses over the past 20 years, and a business coach for 14 years now.  My new business allows me to help others to benefit from my experience as I help them to set up their own flexible, home based business.

At the same time, I am recommending fantastic products that have amazing impact on health, wellbeing, and fitness.

How does it work?

When people join my team as a Forever business owner they have access to award winning training and support, I provide mentoring, and they have support from wider team members.

Being a Forever business owner means you have the flexibility to work your own hours, and fit round other commitments. You still have the support of a team, and a business coach to encourage you to define and achieve your goals.

You have the support of a multi-national company, Forever Living, that operates in 158 countries (and growing), is cash rich with an annual turnover of $2.6 billion, £75 million in the UK, as rising year on year.  They’ve been around for 37 years, and have been awarded Gold Investors In People Award, are members of the Direct Selling Association, with award winning training programmes.

They have an excellent rewards system, and I have been told I’ve already earned bonuses!

Forever is the only UK company that is licenced by the Aloe Science Council to supply natural Aloe Vera products.  They have their own Aloe Vera Plantations where they treat their employees well, and have patented the method of storing Aloe Vera to ensure it retains all its minerals and nutrients, naturally. The products are cruelty free.

Who can do it?

There is not an ideal ‘type’ of Forever Business owner, but this is not a get rich quick scheme, and you do need to work for it.

You need to have a positive attitude. There are a lot of sceptics out there that can be really negative about Forever Living and the business model (including some members of my family, until they tried the products and saw the bonuses!).

You need to listen to advice and learn. The training programme and the support of your mentor is a luxury that many entrepreneurs do not have access to.  It’s worth its weight in gold, but you get it when you join my team for no extra cost!

You must have a desire for more, to achieve, to do better than you currently have. This is an opportunity that works brilliantly for those that are hungry for success.  It works well if you want to fit it round your current work, but I think you’ll love it so much you will soon want to bin the day job and the grumpy boss!

What do you have to invest?

I would suggest a time commitment of 10 – 15 hours each week.  I didn’t spend that much time on it to start with but still earned my original investment back in 10 days!

You must be willing to learn new skills. This can be done slowly, when you have the time, but I found that I was so enthusiastic that I was spending an hour every evening on it to learn faster!

You have an option to sign up as a business owner when you buy £100 worth of products. However many new business owners, like me, purchase the ‘Business in a Box’ for £199.75 which gives you a starter box of products, and literature.  You will have access to your own website.

If you feel like you want more in your career, or your current job does not excite you, or if you’re saying to yourself ‘there must be more to life than this’, then it’s time for change, the time is now to take a look at joining me. 

Have a look at the video on my webpage and get in touch.

Love networking like it’s your best friend’s party!

Business Coaching is the most rewarding part of my work.  I love to see entrepreneurs in a new business start to grow and develop new confidence, building their dreams and achieving success.

Each time I start on the journey with a new entrepreneur, it’s like climbing into a roller coaster, the anticipation of success, charged with the fear of failure.  I support them to learn about business tools, and building their confidence, supporting them through the negative moments and self-doubt to reach a positive outlook.

I’ve been business coaching in various roles for the last 14 years, learning so much along the way.  My recent business coaching with new Forever Living businesses has shown that team work and enthusiasm can push beyond the boundaries that constrain negative attitudes. The fear of networking can be limiting and debilitating for a business.

The biggest, most consistent fear among all the ‘newbies’ is their fear of networking.  People who are usually reasonably confident, suddenly cringe at the thought of networking among a room full of people.

The fear of networking; is it a rational fear? Are we not all there for the same reason?

My reasons are simple, 1. To meet people; 2. To find customers; 3. To stay updated.

As I work through their support I share my basic tips for entrepreneurs to keep focused and enjoy networking.  Once they grasp it, their whole perception and participation rate changes.

  1. Change your mind-set: Imagine you are at your best friend’s party – be happy, friendly and interested.
  2. Be prepared, have your business card to hand and know your 30 second pitch, brilliantly.
  3. Be genuine, be you, don’t try to fit in, be proud of who you are.
  4. Work the room. Don’t fall into your comfort zone with someone and end up sticking with them, mingle, talk, agree to re-connect and move on.
  5. Make sure you take relevant contact details. The fantastic people will return to you.
  6. Remember everyone has a story to tell, including you. Make it relevant to your audience and keep it brief.

Admittedly, I’m not always so good at working the room.  I’m so fascinated by people that I stay too long with the first few I meet, wasting the opportunity to meet the others.  I’m improving though, keeping it consistent and not allowing my interest radar to distract, after all, I can find out more later.

Business is all about providing solutions for your customers.  For me this means helping people to find and talk to their customers, learning from them, supporting them to make the best possible decisions.  To do this they have to enjoy it, they must make networking their happy place, where they can showcase the business they love, their pride and joy.

I’m lucky, I’ve found my calling and it’s easy to rave about that.  My business is about helping others to build their business, and to make sure they have the passion and enthusiasm to thrive at networking.  Each one of my newbies will soon adapt to love networking like it’s their best friend’s party, and then they’ll learn how to pass those skills on!

Let me know if you’re ready to start up and get on the party circuit. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way.  Contact me for more information and to join my happy team


Let the Sceptics smirk!

I am an entrepreneur, a blogger, a writer, a mother, a creative, and I am happy!

I was brought up among logics, and I spent my teenage years and early twenties surrounded by critics that consistently asked me when I would grow up, get a proper job, find an employer, and when was I going to grow out of my little ideas and silly schemes?  I thought I was wrong to be me, I thought they were criticising all that I am.

For a brief spell, I was a good employee, but the constant grind to someone else’s ethics would consistently nag at my entrepreneurial mind.  I tolerated the peak smog of rush hour traffic, the stop start line of unhappy, disenchanted, gnomes, awaiting their fate of the daily chores, for an employer who rarely remembered their name.

I eventually learned to love my education, 10 years too late, two children to feed, and a real life, grown up job, but at least I found education and expertise eventually. My thirst for knowledge kept me enthralled, growing, and stretching like I was waking up at last.  I learned to understand myself, to know I was me, and they are them; and that is actually ok.   I learned that the logic’s and the critics were sceptical but admiring from a distance. They may not make it obvious, but it’s in there, deep down, trying to reach the surface.

I learned it is ok to be a creative, to imagine, dream, believe. It’s what created TV that the sceptics so easily immerse themselves in to escape the daily grind they have accepted so easily.  It created Apple, and Blackberries that make life easier, and more complicated, all at the same time.  It created email, google, and facebook, to reach out, capture imaginations and engage.  It created books, worlds of adventures and years of knowledge, passing on our fuel of mankind.

I guess I’m still waiting to grow up, but I am my employer, I make the rules, I take the risks, I work to my ethics, I refuse to stop the flow of ideas and the creativity, fuelling my ability to imagine, dream, and believe in myself.  I accept I am an entrepreneur, a blogger, a writer, a mother, a creative, and I am certainly happy.

Let the sceptics smirk! Let them live in their world of harsh unguarded criticism, waiting for perfection that will never arrive.  Let them be lost beyond the logic land, never trying to achieve beyond their comfort zones.  I refuse to be anything but me. I’m changing and growing, but I will not scrunch myself within their box of conformity.

I hope my team will learn too. We are a team of logic’s and creatives, mixed with those rare diamonds that have a balance of both.  It’s good to be different, it’s good to be you, it’s good to be me. Let the sceptics smirk, but know that beneath their harsh words, and gurning they are admiring and enquiring, not so critical as they like to believe.  They may need proof of your imagination, and research on your beliefs, but that doesn’t stop you performing. Remember always to be you, and imagine, dream, believe.

Re-affirming my ethics has added to my business



Who would have thought that the search to find a new moisturiser would lead to a whole new business!

I’m so excited to be recruiting team members soon. Have a look at my recruitment page.

For many months I’ve been looking for new products to sell alongside my consultancy, but not found anything I was passionate about.  At the same time, I was hunting for a new moisturiser, as my current one just wasn’t good enough any more.  I suppose I have to also admit that I’m no longer in my 20’s or 30’s, which means my skin is changing, so I needed change.

I’m also not happy with the way the big brands are still using animal testing on their products. I cannot agree with that!  This was another reason for the change.  I was looking for a company with natural products, that do not test on animals.

I’m frequently telling friends and family about the benefits of herbal remedies, so when my friend told me about Forever Living and their Aloe Vera products, not tested on animals and entirely organic, I needed to know more.

My friend gave me a basket of health and well being products to try.  I’ve never been a girly, girl type, but I loved the handwash, my sore hands were instantly smoothed by the lotion, I was energised by the milkshakes, and the Aloe drinks helped me power through the day.

You can see the products here.

I looked into the company providing the products, as ethics are so important to me.  They have been around for over 35 years, they give a 60 day money back guarantee.  Their Aloe Vera is all organically grown on their own plantations, and they do not test on animals.  They’re a cash rich company so I know they are going to be around for years to come.

I’ve emptied my house of all the different products that I used before and replaced with my Forever Living products, I love them!

I love the products so much I wanted to join the team, I want to spread health and well being among families throughout the world, and create prosperous futures for my family and others.

I’ll be recruiting my team soon and can’t wait to introduce you to a healthy, wealthy world of Forever Living.

If you want to join my team I’d love for you to look here!



2013-05-29 12.21.22

Have You Chosen Your Road to Success?

IMG_1502The road to success is long, it’s usually a steady uphill climb, and it may well be exhausting on some days.

Sometimes you may fall and the road may undulate with potholes, and downhill respites, but it will take motivation to keep going.

Remember – it is still worth heading up there, despite the effort.


My questions to you are….’Have you chosen your road to success?’

‘Do you know where you’re heading?’

‘What does success mean to you?’

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs for many years and find everyone has a different content to their road to success, because they want to achieve what is important to them.

When we think about the road to success the starting point is your Vision, as in business, the vision sets out the goals and aspirations, the targets you want to achieve.

Without knowing what your vision is, you can not hope to take the correct road to success. It’s like setting out on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been, without taking a map or at least some form of direction.

Of course you could be like my other half, who never reads a map or thinks about direction, and spends far too much time following road signs that take him round and round in circles for hours, but he does eventually get there, after going off on a tangent for far too long!

Preparing your vision starts with some careful thought. Ask yourself a few questions.

Where do you want to be in 5  years time, physically, emotionally, career, family and assets?

What challenges do you need to set and /or overcome?

What would the perfect life look like? Can you see it? feel it? explain it? write it?

What do you feel success looks like?

How will you know you have succeeded? How will you feel when you have succeeded?

By asking these questions of yourself you can start to build your vision, and not only write it down, but also consider it, ponder over it, visualise it, and tell others about it.

By this point you should start to understand what your vision is.

Remember, it can be adapted, amended or changed to suit you.

The next steps on the road to success are to look at the steps needed to reach your vision. Ask yourself;

How are you going to get there?

Who can help me get there?

What steps do I need to take to get me there?

When do I need to take those steps?

Where do I find the resources to get me there?

It’s important to be realistic and honest with yourself, think about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you need to improve.  No one is perfect, we can all benefit from some improvements.

By working through your Vision and goals you should find your road to success becomes clearer.

Make sure you start on your road, even if you’re still not sure. Nothing will happen without Action.

Good luck!