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Have You Chosen Your Road to Success?

IMG_1502The road to success is long, it’s usually a steady uphill climb, and it may well be exhausting on some days.

Sometimes you may fall and the road may undulate with potholes, and downhill respites, but it will take motivation to keep going.

Remember – it is still worth heading up there, despite the effort.


My questions to you are….’Have you chosen your road to success?’

‘Do you know where you’re heading?’

‘What does success mean to you?’

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs for many years and find everyone has a different content to their road to success, because they want to achieve what is important to them.

When we think about the road to success the starting point is your Vision, as in business, the vision sets out the goals and aspirations, the targets you want to achieve.

Without knowing what your vision is, you can not hope to take the correct road to success. It’s like setting out on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been, without taking a map or at least some form of direction.

Of course you could be like my other half, who never reads a map or thinks about direction, and spends far too much time following road signs that take him round and round in circles for hours, but he does eventually get there, after going off on a tangent for far too long!

Preparing your vision starts with some careful thought. Ask yourself a few questions.

Where do you want to be in 5  years time, physically, emotionally, career, family and assets?

What challenges do you need to set and /or overcome?

What would the perfect life look like? Can you see it? feel it? explain it? write it?

What do you feel success looks like?

How will you know you have succeeded? How will you feel when you have succeeded?

By asking these questions of yourself you can start to build your vision, and not only write it down, but also consider it, ponder over it, visualise it, and tell others about it.

By this point you should start to understand what your vision is.

Remember, it can be adapted, amended or changed to suit you.

The next steps on the road to success are to look at the steps needed to reach your vision. Ask yourself;

How are you going to get there?

Who can help me get there?

What steps do I need to take to get me there?

When do I need to take those steps?

Where do I find the resources to get me there?

It’s important to be realistic and honest with yourself, think about your strengths and weaknesses, and how you need to improve.  No one is perfect, we can all benefit from some improvements.

By working through your Vision and goals you should find your road to success becomes clearer.

Make sure you start on your road, even if you’re still not sure. Nothing will happen without Action.

Good luck!





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